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Cooking with our garden

Since our beginnings we have conceived our house as a place where the senses are enhanced, that is why we wanted to create an organic vegetable garden to delight the sense of taste of our visitors in this culinary experience. Although cooking is a daily act, the routines of everyday life take us away from its virtues. At La Lorenza we created this experience to reconnect us with the culinary art in a conscious way. Cooking is considered by many as a therapeutic and connecting ritual that can bring us physical and emotional benefits.

Cooking increases self-esteem and relieves stress, makes us feel better about ourselves, brings family together, connects us with our partners and enhances our creativity and well-being. This experience is also an opportunity to practice conscious eating, as it allows us to become aware of our inner wisdom when it comes to feeding ourselves. To cook we use all our senses and by being connected with our body, we learn to give it what it needs. Both in Colombia and around the world, interest in organic crops has been growing as their countless health and environmental benefits have been proven. La Lorenza is no exception, we have carefully planted different types of lettuce, arugula, parsley, laurel, thyme, chives, basil, paprika, tomato, cucumber and corn that have provided us with the freshest and healthiest harvests.

Organic vegetables, besides being richer in flavor, have a greater amount of nutrients, as they are preservative-free products that strengthen the immune system. They are also free of herbicides, pesticides, hormones and fertilizers. They prevent some types of cancers, since organic vegetables stimulate the production of free radicals that counteract the effects of malignant cells in our bodies. Through delicious recipes such as tacos, paella, meat lasagna (mixed and vegetarian), grilled vegetables and roasts, whoever visits La Lorenza will be able to savor our delicacies at the hands of Naty, our hostess and cook, who after many years of experience in restaurants has mastered the art of home cooking full of flavor. Of course our guests will be able to cook with Naty and, through the culinary art, relax the mind and awaken the senses.

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