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Outdoor theater

The image of the Greek and Roman amphitheaters, with their semicircular and staggered structures, invites us to dream of heroes, comedies and tragedies that unfold before the astonished eyes of the spectators.

At La Lorenza we want to recreate this amazement and relive the awakening of stories. The open-air theater is a dream space. In the middle of nature, up in the mountain, we extend a large screen to project movies and short films specially selected for our visitors. Under the stars and with the Mariposa Valley on the horizon, we enter into a unique experience. The night breeze and the moonlight accompany our travels to foreign worlds and unknown lives, and brings them closer for a moment.

The story is at the center of our history, narratives transported and unraveled by different hands and voices. And we carry its fire, its supreme force, anchored in our hearts since we were children, eager to inhabit and build all the imaginary worlds. That is why this experience of relaxation with family, with friends, or with our partner is so pleasant and comforting.


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