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Horseback riding

To understand the feeling of freedom of horseback riding in this region, you have to experience it. It is like flying, for a while, on top of the mountains. At sunset, the skies dance in an awakening of colors, and we can see the sun setting between fields of olive trees and lavender. In the distance we see the town slowly fading away and the night shining high. The sounds change, the birds say goodbye and other creatures appear with their times. The horseshoes mark the passage through royal roads, remnants of the Colony, and then disappear among the stones.

Mauricio, our guide, is an animal lover, trails and plants. With great wisdom he shares with us the stories of his land. We pass by lagoons, archaeological ruins and extraordinary corners. Mauricio tells us that the air in the region is like no other and that time passes differently here. He invites us to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and to connect with other rhythms. He also introduces us to horses, tells us that they are the noblest of beings, that they should be treated with respect and that he admires their way of always bringing us back to the present.

We return home without the haze of the city on our backs, ready to relax and continue enjoying the benefits of La Lorenza.

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