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Temazcal - La Lorenza

Temazcal, which means house of steam, is an invitation to die and be born again. At La Lorenza we cultivate rituals that allow us to grow and delve into our personal processes, proper to the human experience. The Temazcal, or steam house, is a dark, round and closed space with an opening that serves as an entrance door. In the middle, we find a fire that heats the stones and the containers with water and medicinal herbs from our garden.

In our own powerful mix of magical herbs, sweet basil, besides being a source of vitaminK, beta carotene and iron, also brings antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Lemongrass, brings benefits for the healing of nervous and gastrointestinal disorders, besides being a powerful analgesic and natural diuretic. Spearmint has healing properties for colds, headaches and skin irritations. Sweet chamomile, characteristic for its relaxing properties, is the perfect closure in this steam bath.

For the Mexican ancestral wisdom, the Temazcal represents one of the most important ceremonies, because it allows us to leave behind what blocks our life processes. It is the space to abandon sadness and be reborn with a new strength. It is not a curiosity that the Temazcal is associated with the mother's womb, a dark and warm place that prepares us for the new life because it invites us only to feel and listen away, for a while, from the world and its worries.

This fire, sacred, represents the God of the sun that radiates its creative energy.

This ritual, suitable for all ages, from children to seniors, is above all an invitation for healing that can be done in a group or individually in a period of one to three hours.

In La Lorenza we believe in the constant renewal of the spirit to become aware of what is within us.

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